Software Custom Development

Our development and innovation teams are made of most talented and passionate engineers who bring years of experience in hi-tech industry and startups.

Over decade of working in the industry we succeeded to build unique and successful approach for managing projects which consists of five steps:

1. First of all we want to hear what you want to say, to understand your vision and business, to make sure that you clearly understand your goals, and to ask you many important  questions.

2. Choose most suitable methodology and technology in order to reduce development cost and make application as fast as possible with most suitable technology, to find equilibrium of 3 major factors: price, technology and time.

3. Product design, software design and development. If you have no UX or UI design it is not an issue, our creative team is here to guide you through this process. After you give us our approve our product design and software design we will start development process. During development you can choose weather you want to manage the process or you want us to manage the process and to synchronize with us on daily/weekly or on demand basis.

4. The delivery stage. When the software is developed and carefully tested we will deliver it to you acceptance test. We will give all the available tools and resource to help you perform acceptance tests and hear you feedbacks.

5. Warranty stage. After you accept the app we are here and ready for support. We want our software to be in its best condition and our engineers are here for support based on the agreed SLA.

Unique to Admobtech LTD we are here through all the process. And to insure smooth communication  we have a focal point speaking your language in every country we operate.

We are open minded and aware of market trends and In our approach we believe that each project requires unique approach with most suitable methodology and technology to make it the most efficient way.