Mobile Marketing and Advertising is a Huge Power in Advertising industry today.
Mobile medium has proven itself to be one of the most powerful, ‘always-on’ methods to
engage prospective customers, say the mobile marketing industry experts. Mobile Advertising is no longer limited an alternative used when there is internet downtime. It has become the anytime business solution for today’s fast paced world.

To all those fascinated by this revolutionary marketing option, we offer our mobile marketing solutions, right from creating an account on the mobile marketing cloud to signing up the first subscriber. Our mobile local base and mobile video ads marketing services will let you convert interaction to transaction in a matter of minutes.

Why Mobile Advertising?

A lot of businesses are now using mobile advertising because the ROI via this marketing medium is unmatched. In fact, as the subscriber list grows, the investment costs decrease on a per customer basis.

Moreover, marketers enjoy unlimited reach when they adopt our mobile marketing solutions. Today’s customer is always armed with a mobile device, such as an iPad, Tablet or Cell Phone. All you need to do is ping them once and your message is sent across at the fastest pace.

Why Admobtech Marketing Solution?

  • We assure you that within 10-15 minutes of you sending a text message, about 95% of the members from your list will read the message. At this rate, marketing via Admobtech Marketing Solution is much faster and more effective than sending an e-mail.
  • Although we host your mobile marketing plan, we offer you full control over the subscription list, text message and marketing schedule.
  • With Admobtech Marketing Solution, you do not have to wait to terminate or change the positioning of a mobile video ad, since our representatives will always be in touch with you and ready to work on any instructions that you provide.
  • Stop worrying about the rising cost of mobile video advertising services. We offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

We value our customers because they trust us with their brand and products. Therefore, we are committed to delivering the best value for money.